• Have you ever met someone or walked past a complete stranger and felt a feeling of arousal or attraction?

It could be a certain scent that triggers that feeling?.....

Well it might just be Pheromones screaming at your olfactory system!


So what are Pheromones?

  • Pheromones are like hormones but instead of being released internally they are excreted externally.

They act like little airborne chemical messengers that the body releases through sweat, vaginal secretions

semen, urine, even breath and saliva!


What do Pheromones do?

  • Pheromones make you more sexually appealing to the opposite sex… ;-)

The effects that Pheromones have on individuals can be physical or emotional eg.. stimulating your mood.

A few studies have even shown that when woman are ovulating thei natural body odours were perceived

as “most pleasant smelling”.


Do males and females have the same Pheromones?

  • Androsterone is responsible for making men sexually appealing to woman… 10% of the male population secretes

large amounts of this and are considered to be the most desirable or sexiest men, yet are not the most physically attractive.

Woman also produce Androsterone but 4X less than men…. Woman also produce Copulin in addition to Androsterone.

This Copulin pheromone works with the menstrual cycle so Copulin levels rise and dip constantly.


                People with high pheromones tend to be more sexually attractive to others….However pheromones can also have a

                Repelling effect! Occasionally you may meet someone and be instantly repelled by them, this could be a pheromone reaction..

                Your senses telling you that this person may not be a match for reproduction..


 Did you know that some insects communicate purely through pheromones.

What can I do to increase my pheromones?

  • Yes…. You know what the answer is…. EXERCISE!! Exercising more is one way because pheromones are secreted through

Sweat, producing more sweat can raise the level of pheromones being excreted so get moving to feel you sexy best!

  • Perfumes and scents… this is another option if the gym is not really appealing to you. :o)

We all love to smell amazing and in general it helps with the signalling of the olfactory system. Make sure to use a Perfume

Containing pheromones as they are more concentrated, longer lasting and smell more intense.


So maybe that gym session may just pay off after all…. Otherwise an Alluring perfume containing those little pheromones could

Just be the solution in attracting your next Cuddle Buddy ;-)

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