What is this magic little spot that people talk about?

This is called the “P SPOT”… it’s a small muscular gland that produces seminal fluid.
This amazing little gland helps propel semen from the penis and can feel Ooooh-Sooo-GOOD when massaged ;)


So where is this Oh-So-Good Spot?

The Prostate is located about 2 inches inside the rectum, just between the rectum and the penis…. It can also be stimulated indirectly through the perineum (the skin that runs underneath between the scrotum and the anus).


What does the Prostate feel like?

Internally it will feel like a little bulb of tissue on the frontal wall of the rectum.
Externally you’ll find it towards the back of the perineum in the softer, fleshier area. If you put pressure or massage that magic little area it will possibly cause a sensation of needing to urinate… If you’ve found that place …BINGO! You’re on the money ;)


What’s the difference between penile orgasms and P-Spot orgasms?

Well it’s actually unknown if everyone with a prostate can have a p-spot orgasm, but p-spot orgasms are said to be very similar to penile orgasms but stronger and felt throughout the body!


What are some techniques I can try?

Whether you try fingers, toys or other items that is entirely up to you.
With fingers always make sure your nails are trimmed and hands are clean, this will help to avoid scratching or damaging the delicate skin in the anus.
Always use a good anal lube and plenty of it as this will help with comfort and friction in this delicate area.
- Try the “Come Hither” technique…
Gently insert the index finger into the anus and use a “Come Hither” motion whilst gradually
increasing the speed.
- Or the “Round & Round”
Just use the pad of the finger to circle around the entire P-Spot whilst gradually increasing pressure and speed as the pleasure builds.

  • Prostate Massagers.
    Hands down (or fingers down) prostate massagers will always win.
    They come with different vibrations from a soft solo buzz to a good gracious thump!

They can get that extra depth if that’s what you crave and come with extra attachments to keep all areas occupied.


So what’s Milking?

That’s the same as prostate massage… The technique “Milking” is massaging the prostate until a milky white fluid comes out. If you’ve reached that stage just keep on going as magic is about to happen ;)

  • Is it true that there are actually health benefits from Prostate Massage?
    Sure is!
    Prostate stimulation along with medication and pumps are used to help with Erectile Dysfunction.
    It can help with urine flow in a swollen prostate, massaging can help relieve swelling allowing urine to pass more easily.
    Prostate massage can even help prevent and treat prostatitis, this is the inflammation of the prostate and can be very painful! Using massage can certainly help relieve symptoms.
  • Safety
    always use a good anal lubricant because unlike the vagina the anus lacks lubrication.
    Always be gentle as the tissue inside the anus is very thin and delicate which makes it a lot easier to tear.
    Remember there is a lot of bacteria lurking in the anus so always practise good hygiene.
    Cut your fingernails if doing manual massage.

    So once you have the consent and safety sorted then it’s time to get down to the good stuff!
    Have fun experimenting with toys, fingers or anything else that tickles your P-Spot and make some magic happen.

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