Perfect Butt Booster

What does the cream do?

This cream is designed to stimulate butt enlargement with its unique ingredients.


How does it enlarge my butt?

What this formulation does, is tell our buttocks fat cells to store the energy there first, hence enlarging them. We all have what could be known as hungry fat cells and dormant ones, the hungry ones are where we store energy (fats) first and where we use that energy from last in most woman that will be in the tummy, bottom, or breast areas.


How do I apply it?

Simply apply in a strong circular motion daily to the buttock area, once absorbed into the skin it activates the fat cells that are present in the area to enlarge, hence creating a fuller booty. The exercise chart you find on the box is designed to help support good muscle tone as we all know fat cannot be toned. So, to get a nice perky look we want to increase not only the size but the tone of the supporting muscles.

Please note this does not create fat cells, it only activates the ones that are present but empty or underutilized.


How long will it take before I start to see results?

The results will take up to a month of daily use to see and may vary from person to person depending on how many cells are present. As this is a topical cream the effects will decrease once application is ceased as your cells return to their natural state.


How long does a 100ml tube last?

Each tube contains approximately 30 days’ supply.

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