Midnight Affair Lace Chemise Red


Sold Out

Midnight Affair Lace Chemise Red. This long Red chemise has an ultra-slinky and sexy look done in all lace and plunging extra low almost to the belly button. Help together across the gap with three strategically placed nylon ribbon and held up with a halter tie around the neck the stretchy floral lace fits snugly to your body giving you a smooth silhouette with added feminine details like scalloped lace hems. Included with this outfit is a sexy little pink pair of thong knickers that are really there more for the look than for any practical use. You'll also get a fun little choker that makes the outfit look completely sexy when worn around the neck but with its stretchy material fits just as easily as a blindfold over the eyes blocking out the majority of light and adding a fun element to your play in the bedroom. Make sure to wash this outfit be hand in cold water with a mild soap and leave it to drip dry and it will keep shape throughout many wears. The slim and sleek shape of the stretchy Midnight Affair Chemiser and Thong is incredibly flattering and feminine, and the bright red colour is fun and flirty. 

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