JimmyJane Love Pods Om Purple

JimmyJane Love Pods Om Purple

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Embrace your sensual essence & unleash your inner goddess. 
Allow your most private desires to bloom. Love Pods are your gift of blissful fulfillment and pleasure. 

OM was inspired by the sacred Lotus flower. It was conceived to fulfill your secret desires, with a powerful motor and dynamic oscillation to provide deep, rumbling, possibly thunderous vibrations that emanate to the core of your sensuality. Incredibly easy to hold and use, OMs ridges mimic the crevices between fingers–for a naturally pleasing intimate experience. Designed to heighten arousal by rolling over sensitive areas all over your body, the pinpoint OM tip also allows concentrated pleasure whenever you wish.

The Story of Om: While flowers have been used to describe femininity throughout history, the Lotus is the foremost symbol of beauty and feminine sexuality. According to ancient beliefs, within each of us is the spirit of a sacred Lotus, waiting to flourish and bloom. The Jimmyjane OM was created with the heavenly Lotus in mind; to release your inner desires and offer sexual pleasures to the depths of your sensual essence.

• Profound Vibrations:
OM’s deep and supple grooves resemble the petals of the Lotus flower. Easy to grip, the indentations mimic the sensation of fingers as they roll and stroke across the clitoris. At the tip of OM is where sensation really blooms. Like the Lotus, the rumbling vibrations begin at the base then grow and convene at tip for intense, pinpointed pleasure. Namaste, I bow to the divine in you.

• Powerful, Focused Vibrations:
The rumbling vibrations begin at the base then grow and convene at tip for intense, pinpointed pleasure. 

• Comfortable Size:
Small stature & palmable design makes it easy to reach all those sensitive pleasure areas. 

• Simple Intuitive Controls:
Three-Button operation. Mode + Speed 

• Body-Safe:
Phthalate-Free Soft Silicone & ABS Plastic 

• Waterproof:
Washable & Bath-Friendly 

• Rechargeable:
International USB Rechargeable, High Quality Lithium Ion Battery. Runs up to 2 Hours per Charge

• EZ Grip™:
Ergonomically designed for simple maneuverability.

• Whisper Quiet:
Powerful, Soft Vibrations