Soft Tampons Normal Dry 10 pack

Soft Tampons Normal Dry 10 pack

  • $34.95


Soft Tampons Normal Dry 10 pack

The Original Soft-Tampons are ideal for those special moments in life. 

For example, they cannot be felt by either partner during lovemaking, and are also extremely convenient to use. 

Thanks to the handy pull tab, the Soft-Tampon is easy to insert and remove -with just one finger! 

With the Original Soft-Tampons, optimal hygienic safety always comes first. 

Through permanent dermatological and clinical testing, these well-established and individually packaged tampons have now achieved perfection. 

They are made of environmentally friendly, non-toxic sponge material and contain no chemical substances whatsoever, so eliminating the possibility of internal irritation. 

They are very comfortable and pleasant to wear. 

They are characterised by their soft and supple material and their light weight of only 2 grams per tampon. 

Soft-Tampons - the successful combination of safety, hygiene, wellbeing, and fun: ideal even for very heavy menstrual flow.