Jail Bird. This naughty Jailbird is doing the time for her crime, but her punishment ha only just begun! Perfect for some kinky roleplaying, and even suitable to wear out to an adult costume party, this Jailbird costume will make you the sexiest inmate around. Get ready for some fun warden and inmate roleplaying and do your best to beg for leniency with all the right touches. This fun costume from Seven 'Til Midnight makes it easy to set the scene and the mood for dome kinky role-playing, and they've got a full range of costumes to help you out. They've also stocked up on lingerie like corsets, baby, dolls, thongs, and stockings, to provide everything you could want for any type of sexy situation. They're favourite's among customers for their low prices, quality workmanship, high quality, and dedication to providing designed that every size woman can wear. Because they know that curvy women serve time too! It fits with a durable stretch microfiber that's not only comfortable, but also easy to take care of. With a halter style neckline you just have to slip the dress over your head an pull it down. You'll love the look of the deep V-neck and the short flirty length layered over a black skirt that adds some depth and a fun swirl. Included with this Jailbird costume is a black waist clincher. It's made of shiny vinyl and it goes on overtop of the dress to do at the back with a zipper. The front has strong ties which you can pull on tightly to obtain an hourglass figure, and it's a great accessory to wear when the dress comes off or with other lingerie. You'll also have a matching striped white and black het ad a jaunty pair of knit cuffs that ate attached with glided chain. Add this sweet and sexy costume to your fun in the bedroom and act out some jailbird scenes that will only seem right with the proper Jailbird costume. He can be the warden and you can be the misbehaving prisoner, or you and a girlfriend can be some lonely prisoners together. Do you time in sexy style with the Jailbird costume!


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