Ms Gangster


Ms Gangster. Dressed like a gangster from the days when gangsters dressed in suits and not hoodies, this costume is a sexy throwback to days gone by. It will inspire those that love a vintage twist to their costumes and whether your destination is a party or the bedroom it will fit right in, helping you look classy and sexy. Like all the costumes from Seven 'Til Midnight the Gangster costume is fun and inspired by the feminine form. fitting to accommodate all your curves. Seven 'Til Midnight is a brand dedicated to full inclusion of all women with a philosophy that everyone should feel sexy with all their curves. This four-piece costume includes a sleek skirt dress with wide straps at the bust and a square neckline with a thick pink trim. The microfiber dress is stretchy and fits with a soft feel, plus it's easy to clean and difficult to stain. Attached at the waist is a pink belt and its string tie will pull it tight to help create more of an hourglass figure. The dress falls to the mid-thigh, but there's a super deep slit up the one side that bares a lot of skin, so be prepared to wear some full coverage undies if you wear this dress out. You'll also be provided with a fun gun holster that you can wear around you thigh, a perfect accessory to peek out from under that deep slit. Theses also a pink tie with a faux collar and a styling black gangster style hat, adding those fun final touches to the outfit so you just need to add some stiletto heels and maybe some thigh high stocking. This fun and flirty, kinky outfit is fun to wear and easy to take care of, and of course the only choice to wear when you want to role-play as an old style sexy gangster, doing the crimes that makes you so dangerous in the bedroom!

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