Blow My Whistle


Blow My Whistle. She will call all of the shorts in this sexy Blow My Whistle costume from Seven 'Til Midnight. This item contains 3 piece, a black referee baseball cap, a whistle on a string to put around her neck allowing her quick access to call those 'time outs,' and a one piece mini dress deigned as one that a sexy referee might wear. The dress is made from nylon fabric that cling to her curves and has a stretchy microfiber striped top with pocket and zippered collar that she can adjust to tease and please, and a flirty solid coloured black skirt. She will show him who is in charge when he tries to make those foul plays! This costume is a naughty seductive way to surprise him and get him to stay home and watch the game from bed! Make him want to blow that whistle! Take the Blow My Whistle costume on that overnight trip to see that college football game - what a surprise he will get with this post-game show. This costume is also fun to wear to any costume party, Halloween party, football or other sporting event party. It is sure to keep all those bad boys in line! Hand wash in mild soap and cold water, hang to drip dry.

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