Alluring Alice


Alluring Alice. Chase him down that rabbit hole and bring him straight to wonderland with Seven 'Til Midnight Alluring Alice in blue. Perfect for role play and other naughty bedroom games, this product is a three piece costume which includes a blue stretch cotton dress that clings to her body and accentuates all of her sexy curves, a attached apron for some extra fun, seductive striped knee highs, and is topped off with a ruffle lace head band. With frilly pure white trim, and white satin ribbons, it is easy to become the sweet pure Alice with a naughty twist. A great way to surprie him on that special night or weekend getaway, he will want to stay in Alice  Wonderland Forever! The Alluring Alice is made from comfortable nylon fabric. Wait until he sees this voluptuous Alice on the other side of the looking glass and experiences the fantasy she can create with this sweet, feminine, costume just like Alice herself - or create her own seductive, intimate fairy tale. She can even take it out on the town to that neighbourhood costume or Holloween party as the perfect sexy Alice - she is sure to have them all talking every single time. This product should be hand-washed with a mild soap and cold water only to maintain the comstume's fabric and trim.

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