S & M Anal Beads


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S & M Anal Beads

Silicone Anal Beads

Let's just say that he is a fan of my derriere!

"I frequently catch him staring at me when I'm bending over. When we're making love, he gives a little extra attention to my backside. From sensual massages to playful spanking, he's completely enthralled. Considering his infatuation, tonight I'm introducing something new to the bedroom....

I've dressed in a short sheer negligee. I'm waiting for him to walk into the room. Lying on the bed, positioned on my side with my back to him, I hear his footsteps and the door opening. The view stops him in his tracks.

'Are you staring at my backside again?' I ask. A little surprised, he begins to stammer out a response, but he's instantly silenced as I lift one hand into the air. Hanging from my index finger is a single strand of smooth, black, silicone beads, meant for that ever-so-enticing place".

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