Temptress Long Sleeve Lace Teddy


Temptress Long Sleeve Lace Teddy with garter. You might think that a long sleeved teddy might not be attractive. However, the Seven 'Til Midnight Teddy Black Temptress is beyond attractive. This teddy offers sheer black lace all over the body and the arms. The front plunges down into an open space that is held tight to the breasts with a ribbon tie. The black plunges down from the shoulder to the hips with only a single tie holding it together. You will find this teddy is a perfect change of pace in the world of intimate apparel. You partner will find it very tantlaising to help you get out of the teddy. The Seven 'Til Midnight Teddy is made from 90%nylon and 10% spandex for comfort  and long lasting beauty. This teddy works well as an undergarment under many long sleeved items like a dress or shirt. And of course it stands by itself quite well as well.

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