FF Lingerie Pretty Pearls


FF Lingerie Pretty Pearls Queen. Enjoy the comfortable and smooth vinyl fit of this outfit. This lingerie outfit brings out your shape and allows you to impres and excite your partner like few others do. Unlike other kinds of novelty lingerie, the Fetish Fantasy Lingereie pretty pearls lingerie set is made for real life sexual encounters - with a ensual allure. This means that it feels delicate, but it's also masterfully made so that it wont fall apart, even when you are rough riding. Do dont let the name fool you, the Pretty Pearls is anything but your average, inncent lingereie ensemble. Whether you want to surprise him with something that will blowhis mnd or enjoy fantasy role-playing at its finest, this set will quickly become the favourite for both of you. Nothing will show off your incredible curves quite like this unblievable lingerie collection. Its simple, sexy design hides that fact that is features some of the finest quality. Last a lifetime no matter how you play. Enjoy the ultimate of fantasy and turn his dreams into a reality. SET INCLUDES: Teddy and Cuff set. FEATURES: Vinyl Teddy with O-Rings, Teddy has Soft Elastic Back, Vinyl and Pearl Cuff Set.

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