We Vibe Collection

We-Vibe takes you to new heights of pleasure. Whether it's "me-time" or "we-time" you can count on We-Vibe products to be reliable, pleasure enhancers. Explore, play and discover more ways to broaden and deepen your world of intimate pleasure.

For those of us who embrace passion for love and life, We-Vibe offers ultra-premium sensual lifestyle products designed for pleasure. Our products enhance the intimacy in relationships and the joy of finding pleasure on our own.  We-Vibe is a world leader in designing and manufacturing high-quality, body-safe, eco-friendly intimate products.

The original and signature couples’ product, We-Vibe, quickly became the fastest selling sexual wellness product of its type in history. We-Vibe is from Standard Innovation®, a Canadian company dedicated to shaping the future of sexual health and wellness.